lundi 3 juin 2013

Anglais techno/ I am What you are

During the remaining three classes, your teacher's proposal is to work on a series of interviews.
The topic can be summed up as "I am what you are". The idea is for 3-student groups to prepare imaginary interviews of contemporary designers. In each group, two students play the part of interviewers (journalists etc.), the third, that of the designer.
But the text of each interview will be prepared by the three students, so will the possible black-and-white sketches and cartoons that will be shown to the camera.

The following might help :
Questions :
a) How did vou become a designer ?
b) What was your career path like ?
c) What is your usual state of mind at work ?
d) Where do Vou mostly draw your inspiration from ?
e) What have been your major productions ?

Words :
Personality, insight, invention,
Novelty / innovation;
School of design, academic, institutional, commission(ed) ;
career (=/= job), vocational guidance, to advise,
to fulfill one's dreams, fulfilled,
(chance) encounters, networking,
To dress dolls, to design furniture,

Phrases :
I try to avoid Ving,
My inspiration springs from ... / my ideas often derive from ...
I was fortunate in Ving
When a child I would V ...

Bertille is Nina Marquita
Eulalie is Inga Sempé
Pierrick is Monica Förster
Mélanie is Jean-Michel Vilmotte
Gabriel is Naoto Fukasawa
Alix is Matali Crasset
Naïma is Simo Heikkilä
Camille is Ross Lovegrove
Fanny is Zaha Hadid
Emilien is François Brument

liste de designers :
01- Naoto Fukasawa /
02- Inga Sempé /
03- François Brument /
04- Monica Förster /
05- Ross Lovegrove /
06 - Trine Andersen Ferm Living /
07- Jean Michel Wilmotte /
08 - Zaha Hadid /
09- Simo Heikkilä /
10- Nani Marquina /
11- Clemens Weisshaar /
12- Matali Crasset /
13- Itamar Burstein /

5 portails sur le design
• VIA Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'ameublement /
•Le lieu du design /
• Biennale Internationale Design St Etienne /
• APCI Agence pour a promotion du design industriel /
• Le design au féminin /

vendredi 17 mai
Anglais techno : I am what you are. 1/3
distribution des personnages designers par groupe
Recherche web (dans les salles d'AA + CDI) SUR DES SITES EN ANGLAIS liés à l'activité et aux réalisations des designers.

Vendredi 24 mai
Anglais techno : I am what you are. 2/3
continuation des recherches + préparation interview

vendredi 31 mai
Anglais techno : I am what you are. 3/3
interviews filmés : 10 ITV de 4 minutes